10 Homemade tips to remove unwanted warts from hand and legs

Most of the times, warts go away without any intervention. Sometimes, however, they take a long time and needs your efforts to remove them. Find these popular remedies to get rid of warts from your body.

1.Incense Stick Ashes

This is an old Chinese technique. Many, however, have found that it does remove unwanted warts!
Burn an incense stick and rub the powdery residue left after the burning of incense over the wart.  Repeat this process 8-10 times. Soon, the wart will dry up.

If there are several warts, follow a similar way.
Keep in mind, the touch of incense ashes should be made to warts.

2.Apple Juice Technique

Take some sour apples to make a juice of it. Alternatively, you can use apple cider venegar[1].
Now apply this juice at least 3 times a day at the place of the wart. A regular application will make the wart slowly disappear and by the third week, it will be eliminated.

3.Onion Juice

Onion is also beneficial to remove the wart from hands and feet.

Apply onion juice to the wart once a day.
After a few days, the wart will go away.

4.Castor Oil+Baking Soda

You can also apply Baking soda and castor oil on the wart and leave it for a night.

This will gradually end the wart.

5.Potato Rub

The use of potatoes also helps to remove unwanted warts from hand and legs. Peel and cut the potato and rub it on warts.
This will remove warts from legs and hands very fastly.

6.Garlic Bud

Peel the garlic bud, cut it and rub it on warts.
This will dry out warts in just a few days.

7.Cauliflower Juice

Extract the juice from cauliflower and apply it on the wart.
This technique is also considered effective in the removal of unwanted warts from the body.

8.Honey on wart

Apply honey to wart before bedtime and after getting up in the morning. This will remove the wart.

9.Pineapple Juice

Apply some pineapple juice on your wart.

The erosion enzymes in pineapple will dry up warts.

10.Aloe Vera Juice

If you have aloe vera plant at home, then cut a small piece and apply this fresh gel on the wart.

This will get rid of the wart very quickly.