Brown rice is one of the categories of rice which is not milled properly or not at all milled. It is also known as the hulled rice.

In comparison, brown rice is considered to be more beneficial and nutritious than the normal white rice . It tastes somewhat like a nut and can be chewed easily but as compared to white rice, brown rice gets damaged or foul quickly. This is because the germ of the brown rice contains fats which are highly responsible for the spoiling of the rice.

Brown rice is available in all types like short grain, long grain or even the sticky rice type.

Brown rice is quite difficult to store for a long period of time and even difficult to be transported and therefore it is more expensive than the normal white rice available in the market.

Benefits of brown rice

There are many benefits of the brown rice and this is mainly due to the nutritious content of the brown rice.

When brown rice is converted into white rice by removing the germ of the brown rice, much nutrition is lost. This conversion destroys almost half of the minerals like phosphorus, manganese, 90 % of the vitamins B3/B1/B6 and many more fatty acids, fibers, etc.

This article will tell you all about the nutritious facts about the brown rice so that you can come to know how it is useful.

Following are the nutrients present in one cup (195 grams) of brown rice:

The minerals like Potassium, Manganese, and Calcium are present in brown rice.

Brown rice contains

Quantity Mineral
412 mg Potassium
42.6 mg Calcium
2.7 mg Iron
0.5 mg Copper
265 mg Magnesium
43.3 mcg Selenium
616 mg Phosphorus
3.7 mg Zinc
6.9 mg Manganese
13.0 mg Sodium

Total fats present in brown rice are 5.4 g which contain 1.1 g of saturated fats, 2 g of mono fats and 1.9 g of poly fats.

The Calorie content of brown rice is 2868 KJ which contain 210 KJ of calories from the proteins, 189 KJ of fat calories and 2466 KJ of carbohydrate calories.

About 14.7 g of proteins, 2.8 g of ash, 19.2 g of water and 143 g of carbohydrates constitute the basic components of brown rice.

Vitamin content of brown rice

Quantity Vitamin
56.8 mg Betaine
56.8 mg Choline
0.7 mg Thiamin
9.4 mg Niacin
0.2 mg Riboflavin
2.2 mg Alpha-tocopherol (Vitamin E )
2.8 mg Pantothenic Acid
3.5 mg Vitamin K
37 mg Folate

The amino acids in brown rice

Quantity Amino Acid
178 mg Cystine
857 mg Alanine
1375 mg Arginine
723 mg Glycine
2994 mg Glutamate
1375 mg Aspartate
374 mg Histidine
688 mg Proline
187 mg Tryptophan
760 mg Serine
538 mg Threonine
331 mg Methionine
561 mg Lycine
622 mg Isoleucine
758 mg Phenylalanine
862 mg Valine

All the above-mentioned components of brown rice make it more nutritious than the white rice and it very beneficial.