Diabetes- These are the early symptoms.

Most of the times ,diabetes gets undetected before you have it.Diabetes is one of the commonest diseases of today’s times. The nation with one of the highest number of people affected with diabetes is the U.S and the most astonishing fact is that most of them stay ignorant not getting detected with it. If diabetes is not diagnosed in early stages, its cure becomes more difficult.

There are a few common signs of a person being affected with it and it is quite easy to identify. When diagnosed in the early stages diabetes becomes easy to control. Both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes have the same symptoms.

The early symptoms may include change in diet and drinking habits. This is evident when you start drinking more and more water and start eating more food than ever before. No matter how much water you consume you still feel thirsty and get the thirst never quenches.

Increased Appetite

Same goes with food too. While you have developed diabetes, the early symptoms may include eating more. The appetite increases and you love eating food and then wonder why the urge never ends. These changes are accompanied with changed in weight too. Diabetes might be the reason for your sudden weight loss. No matter how much you eat you seem to start losing more and more weight.

Frequent Urination

If you are suffering from diabetes you may notice frequent urination. This may even keep you up at nights. With increased urge for urination and going to the loo many times, you may choose to get yourself diagnosed for diabetes.

Diabetes  is easy to control in early stagesLow on energy and spirit

Apart from changes in your body, mental changes too take place if you are a diabetes patient. Stark mood swings and irritability can also be categorized under diabetes symptoms. You may not be active or feel energetic most of the times. Feeling of lethargy and tiredness are all outcomes of diabetes. Fatigue hovers over you and you do not feel doing anything most of the time. Diabetes can make a person feel very low on energy and spirit.

Skin Infections

Catching skin infections sooner than you used to get is also another reason to suspect you might be suffering from diabetes. Yeast infections take place rather sooner in diabetes as the sugar levels in bloods shoot up.

Blurred vision

Having a blurred vision is also one of the symptoms you might be suffering from diabetes. Eye sight and vision problems are among common diabetes symptom.

If you notice any of theses symptoms you might want to get yourself diagnosed or get a quick diabetes check up done for you. If the reports show sugar levels increased in your blood, visit the doctor to get yourself cured.

Hence if your body feels low on energy levels, requires more water, food and sleep, hear the warning bells ringing. Go to a doctor and get yourself diagnosed for diabetes well in time.

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