Alum benefits for skin whitening plus face pack methods !

Alum benefits for skin whitening is a secret that is not widely known.

In-fact, You might be aware that the antibacterial properties present in the alum helps in removing many skin problems.

Potash Alum or simply alum in English (fitkari in Hindi) is chemically called potassium aluminum sulfate with chemical formula KAI(SO4)2·12H2O.

There are many important uses of alum.

Firstly, applying it in a block form acts as a blood coagulant, preventing bleeding from small shaving cuts.

In Ayurveda medicinal system, it is used in the treatment of many ailments. Interestingly, there is a typical anti-bacterial property found in alum and so it is also used for cleaning the water in some houses.

Ayurveda, particularly, mentions several benefits of alum. It has been cited to be an amazing thing for skin, teeth, and hair.

Lesser Known Benefits of Alum

An ancient Indian proverb says “Hing lage na phitkari, rang bhi chowka aeh” i.e. “No need for potash alum to get fair color”, this signifies that,  it has been in use for skin getting fairness since ancient times.

Find these less known benefits of alum including skin brightening.

  • Hair coloring : It can turn your white hair to black again
  • Skin Toning : It can be used to gain fairness of the skin adding naturally toning and skin tightening
  • Medication : It is used to naturally cure canker sores
  • Commercial Uses : It is used in deodorants and anti-antiperspirants
  • Water treatment : It is used in purification of water
  • Treats vaginal odor : It is a natural remedy for vaginal odor occurring due to whitish
    fluid discharge
  • Tightens Vagina : It also tightens big vaginas after child birth
  • Aids in blood coagulation : It stops bleeding from shaving cuts
  • Sore throat treatment : The gargling with alum benefits in sore throat infection.

Home remedy for killing dirt of head and louse.

If you have lice in your head then washing hair with alum water can be beneficial. This is because its anti-bacterial properties kill the louse. Additionally, It is also helpful to remove facial wrinkles

 Alum benefits for skin whitening

Alum ((fitkari) uses in skin whitening

Potash alum aka potassium alum in the form of face-pack can also be used for skin whitening, albeit with care.

To simply rephrase it, the easiest way to use alum as skin lightening agent (and tightening) is by gently rubbing it.

The process goes like –

  1. Rub the alum block thoroughly over your face and leave it to dry
  2. Then, after a couple of minutes rinse your face with water.
  3. Repeat this process every week.

The above process makes your skin tight because alum removes moisture from the cells.An addition of coconut oil on the face can help you rectify the dryness caused by alum.

2 Best Alum Face packs for Skin Whitening

Alum-Honey Face Pack


This face pack will not only remove acne, blackheads, and scars but also make your skin brighter.

To prepare this face pack,

  1. Mix powdered alum with honey.
  2. Apply this pack for 1 hour over your face.
  3. Apply this face pack every night till 7 days to achieve impressive results.

Alum-Multani Mitti Face Pack

Alum Multani Mitti face pack is used as skin whitening naturally

To prepare this face pack,

  1. Add 1/2 tablespoon of alum in 2 tablespoons of Multani mitti (Fuller’s Earth) along with milk.
  2. Make a paste of these items.
  3. Apply this paste on your face for glowing and dark spot free skin for a week.

Not to forget, the presence of milk in this formulation helps in keeping the face-pack moisturized.

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